India Network Accident and Sickness Insurance provides a health insurance for foreign visitors in the United States, Canada and Mexico. All Visa holders and their families are eligible to take advantage of the plans. India Network Plans offer superior health insurance coverage for visitors of all ages between 0-99 years.

CHUBB Network comprehensive plan, Premier and Standard Plans are underwritten by CHUBB American Insurance Company and Sponsored by India Network Foundation for the benefit of Asian Indian Community. Insurance claims of all India Network policies are processed in the United States. We DO NOT have any office(s) in India.

How to Apply:
We offer online enrollment for all visitor health insurance plans. No medical exam is needed.

For India Network Sponsored Plans(CHUBB, AXIS, ADD, AXIS BasicCare):
* Go to (Quote and Apply) of Online_Quote in the header.
* Fill out the easyselect form.
* Select a plan from the list, and click “purchase” button.
* Enter your visitor’s information.
* If you are a first time visitor,select membership fee.
* Fill out your credit card information.
* Then click “Apply Now’.

For other plans:
* Click on the enrollment link located at the top of each plan page.
* Follow the instructions to apply
* Our international visitor insurance plans are open to visitors from any country in the World.

India Network Services is a US-based company that administers visitor health insurance to tourists, students, temporary workers and their families. Visitor medical plans are offered for all age groups (0-99 years old) with both fixed coverage, comprehensive coverage and with or without pre-existing condition coverage.